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Training Feedback

Feedback on our training;

Understanding Neglect 

"Knowledgeable trainers from different backgrounds which meant they could share different experiences and perspectives. I really enjoyed this course, I thought the way the trainers worked together was really informative and well done. There was a good level of interactive learning and I feel that enough time was allocated to answer questions and discuss. The only thing I feel could be improved is the list of services but I understand it is something we can search for ourselves."

DSL, Bedford Borough School

"The course was well delivered, with opportunities given to everyone to make a contribution. it was relaxed and interactive and key points clearly identified. The group activities gave individuals to think about and give their point of view. Having the training completed over Teams allowed me to still be available in the office during my breaks to meet the needs of my clients. Some Teams training can be boring however this was to the point, and interactive with everyone given the opportunity to make a contribution. The module was so well put together that it is really difficult to take out any part as the most useful. to me, the entire course was useful with all the elements that were offered. In my daily role, I work with women and their children who are already involved with different services.  The training will enable me to be more aware and not just brush things aside thinking someone else would already know that but instead question things that I may think do not add up and act on them.  I will also be informing my colleagues of this and sharing the slides with them."

DSL, Luton Early Years Setting

Working Together to Safeguard Children

"The course was very engaging, I found it very helpful that all attendees contributed within group conversations and voiced their own opinions, thoughts and feelings. Jenny is a fantastic trainer, who was engaging and extremely interesting to listen to. I have learnt a lot and like the handouts given to refer back to, when needed. To learn about the shocking statistics that were discussed, was very interesting. Also the guidance with referrals and going over the legislation and facts, they are so useful to know."

DSL, Central Bedfordshire School

"I was impressed with the way that the course teacher explained all aspects of the course. It didn't matter whether your background was in social care, teaching assistance or external provisions, the course was inclusive, and the course leader attempted to answer everybody's specific questions. Understanding the processes involved when you suspect a safeguarding concern. The course helped my understanding of where to go, who to speak or even who to phone depending on the nature of the safeguarding concern."

Support Manager, Independent Organisation, Pan Beds

"Sharing links for relevant information - policies and procedures. Reflecting on our own biases in relation to safeguarding. Reflecting on how to think about 'significant harm'. Rights-based approach. Sources for decision-making. "Think about adding a section on records to add the 'why' of decisions made, and ensure child's voice is included if appropriate/possible (working with 2-5 year-olds). Create a checklist. Refer to the online policies and procedures, and to the annual reports."

Deputy Head/ SENCo, Early Years, Bedford

"Learning in more detail about Safeguarding and how to build a team around the child. It has also given me increased knowledge around escalation."

Vol Sector, Bedford

"The training was very informative and the trainer was enthusiastic and supportive in helping us understand. I like being signposted to different policies, guides and websites so that I can continue to be more confident in my approach to safeguarding when the training has finished."

Assistant Head, Primary School, Luton

Contextual Safeguarding

"It was really useful including real world examples and having tools we can implement in practice. I will be able to use my knowledge on contextual safeguarding to consider factors outside of the familial home that can impact young people and their families. I will also look to use the tools in the future too."

Mental Health Practitioner, Pan Beds

Exploitation and Disruption

"You can see the trainer's passion for the subject which makes the training more interesting and holds your attention. I think this training on Teams worked well. There was a lot of additional information given to look through in our own time, but some really useful links as well. The most useful is the honest and hard hitting information given.  It is awful and it isn't pleasant, but as professionals we need to understand everything about exploitation.  The trainer was very good at advising on certain parts of the training that some may find triggering, and recognising that some adults may have gone through trauma themselves.  The disruption techniques were very useful, as was understanding Stockholm syndrome and how this affects a victim’s thinking. Being given information on the many orders that can be put in place was brilliant. when talking to parents whose children may be going missing, to help them understand the frame of mind that their children may be in.  So many parents feel they cannot get through to their children, and this is all part of the exploitation process.  I will also put forward the idea of orders when talking through cases with senior practitioners."

Early Help Worker, Central Bedfordshire

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